Two Tower Cable

The key of the huge success of two tower systems is that it makes wakeboarding possible on smaller water surfaces to which a full size cableway would not fit. However, two tower systems can also play a supplementary role beside full size cableways. Two tower systems are favored by both the beginners who wish to learn the basics quicker and more efficiently and the pros who want to train a particular trick more focused.

WakeStation systems are simply the best available on the market which is proven by the fact that since 2016 WakeStation is the exclusive provider of two tower cableways for FISE world competitions. Portability and short installation time makes WakeStation systems ideal for festivals and other events. WakeStation is easy to operate. Every system comes with user-friendly software for changing parameters (such as distances, turning points and acceleration) and performing maintenance checks. The new software and Wi-Fi remote upgrade makes it possible for one person to operate several systems at the same time. Riders can also control the system themselves (without an operator) while on the water thanks to the Self-Service function.

70 WakeStation systems sold in 16 countries speaks for itself.

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