How to Start?

Are you dreaming of having your own park but you just don’t know how to start? We’ll give you some tips!

1.    Choose a nice lake/river backwater/protected sea bay, preferably in the close proximity of a bigger town. 2.    Make sure the necessary infrastructure is provided to the scene (electricity: 400 V 3x80A). 3.    If the area seems suitable, send a Google Earth link to us with your ideas, comments, wishes and some basic data of the scene (average water depth, soil conditions) and we will send you a sketch of an optimal FSC/two-tower system layout and a detailed quotation)  4.    Acquire the necessary permits (typically you will have to get permits from the following authorities: local municipality, transportation authority, water authority, environmental authority)  5.    If everything is settled and agreed it’s time to sign the contract and trust us with all the rest.